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5284 Highway 49 North, #3
P. O. Box 1003
Mariposa, CA 95338 Business: 209-966-4937 Email Mariposa County

Membership Application

To join the Mariposa County Board of REALTORS® and/or the Mariposa County Board of REALTORS® MLS please fill out the membership application below.

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Membership Application

To decide which kind of Membership you would like please read the following and then complete the application above.

Mariposa County Board of REALTORS® Membership:

This is a classification for REALTOR® Brokers and Agents actively engaged in the real estate profession.   REALTOR® Membership includes Multiple Service Listing Services unless you are joining as a Secondary Board Member.

1.      Voting on Local Board issues
2.      Eligible to participate and/or chair Board Committees
3.     Eligible for benefits offered through State & National Associations, including insurance, legislative advocacy,   legal hotline and more
4.      Eligible to receive the monthly Board Newsletter
5.  Membership in the MCBOR MLS.  Our MLS provider is California Regional Multiple Listings Service (CRMLS)
6.  Eligible to participate in the weekly Marketing Meeting & Caravan
7.  Eligible to receive discounts on items purchased from the in house store
8.      Automatically receive all State & National real estate publications
9.      Listed in all official membership information compiled on be half of MCBOR
MLS Only Membership:
The following information is furnished regarding membership in the Mariposa County Board of REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service; our MLS provider is California Regional Multiple Listings Service (CRMLS)
1.     Although we would welcome your REALTOR® membership in the Mariposa County Board of REALTORS®, such membership is not mandatory in order to be a member of our Multiple Listing Service.  Any BROKER/OWNER or Designated REALTOR® of an office may join the Mariposa Country Multiple Listing Service. (Participant)
2.  Any Sales Agent may join the Multiple Listing Service (Subscriber), but only if their BROKER/Designated REALTOR® of the office is an existing member, or becomes a member
3.     Appraisers who hold a valid and current Appraisal Certificate from OREA may hold this type of membership
4.     All such individual members must understand that the information is theirs and may not be shared with any other agent/person in the office.  To do so could result in termination of membership.  If other agents use or wish to use the information, then they too are required to be a full MLS member